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Intensive One-On-One Treatment
No Matter if you are an a or a high-performing executive. It all starts with the mind.

For Professionals With Substance Abuse Challenges

A two-week intense, physical and mental training program

Imagine a dedicated time to focus completely on you and your future.  There is no more effective way of overcoming addiction than diving in head-first and attacking the problem at its core.  

The TPI Intensive Treatment Excursion is an alternative to traditional treatment.  We have found that successful treatment is based on several key concepts that traditional treatment programs fail to address.  Some of these include: the individual’s personal strengths and weaknesses, likes, desires, motivation, and previous successes and failures. 

During traditional treatment, the individual is expected to fit into the mold of the program.  That can be effective for a select set of individuals but overall it is not effective for everyone.  Hence the 90% failure rate of traditional treatment programs.  

 When you complete the program, you will have all the skills, tools and desire necessary to “Triumph” over your addiction.  

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One-On-One Around the Clock Therapy

One of the most significant benefits to our program is that you are paired one-on-one with a licensed therapist throughout the entire duration of the program--Not just one hour a day, as is common in other treatment programs. You are with your therapist 24/7, so therapy happens when you need it, not on a schedule. This allows counseling to occur when and where it is most effective. 

Our therapists use the natural environment to provide relaxation, excitement, adventure and personal challenges to enhance the learning opportunities.  The program is designed so that individuals can continue to work part-time remotely, if possible and we encourage them to continue to have contact with important individuals in their life. 

Complete Anonymity, Remote Location

All therapy is confidential, but we take it to the next level. Going to a traditional treatment program can cause unwanted issues including: unwanted media exposure, time away from training, a required diagnosis, cookie-cutter approach to treatment, and
a general lack of understanding of how to work with highly competitive personalities.

We appreciate the need/want for discretion. Our program includes a remote setting that meets the program's safety criteria.  The individual will have no access to their drug/alcohol of choice.

These remote locations allow for anonymity so no one is aware of our what we are there to do. 

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Personal Growth, Not Punishment

Our philosophy is that treatment should not be punitive in any way.  This is a time for personal growth, rather than tearing you down. Oftentimes, being isolated in a treatment facility can feel a punishment rather than an opportunity. 

TPI sees the value in making the process fun and engaging, but it’s not a vacation. It is a two-week intense, physical and mental training program designed to dive in deep and address your reasons your abusing substances. 

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New Habits, New Life

This is not a detox program.  All participants that enter the program will be free of any use for a minimum of 4 days.  

We spend a lot of time creating a new routine that you will be able to maintain after the completion of the program.  Your new routine will address your mind, body and soul. During the excursion, your daily routine may include:

  1. Exercise, hiking, biking, yoga, canoeing, kayaking, swimming, scuba diving 

  2. Cooking and eating healthy

  3. Learning new mental skills and techniques that put you in control of your emotions such as meditation, mindfulness, and relaxation on command

  4. Spiritual (if desired)

  5. Fun, adventure, challenges, competitions

  6. Individual therapy in real-time

Our Program


Our exclusive one-on-one excursions are designed to provide an in-depth, personalized program that will help you redesign your life whether you are trying to overcome substance abuse, needing to "reset" your life, or simply wanting to take your career, sport or life to the next level. 

During your time away, you will gain power and control over your life again by deconstructing your past and discovering your WHY, then planning and redesigning your life moving forward.

The success of our program is based on creating a specific plan that will take your individual strengths, challenges, and current life situation into consideration.  

Are You A Candidate for Treatment Excursion

 Have more questions?

We know this is a big and difficult step--one that neither you nor we take lightly.

We're also sure that you have many more questions before you can make a decision this big. Please reach out to us when you're ready, so we may answer any questions you have.

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