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attorney mental health in overland park

Attorney Mental Health in Kansas City

Welcome to Triumph Performance Institute! Our focus is on mental health for attorneys in Kansas City. Lawyers in the Kansas City area experience higher rates of depression, anxiety, and alcohol abuse than other professions. Discover how legal employers, lawyers, and law schools can improve lawyer happiness. Triumph Performance Institute are the prominent attorney mental health coaches for lawyers in Kansas City.

Kansas City is the City of Champions!

Our Chiefs are winning! The Royals and Sporting KC are doing great, and the KC Current is off to a fantastic start. We're a performing city, and now the Kansas City attorneys are ready to take it to the next level. And why not? We are the city of champions.


Lawyers are high-level performers who must work on the same skills as high-performance athletes.  At Triumph, we work with each attorney to become the best they can be by teaching them the skills that professional athletes have, such as relaxing on command, using visual imagery, and having a pre-trial routine that helps you be confident when you enter the courtroom. Attorney mental health in Kansas City is one area Triumph Performance Institute can hugely affect. Most of the challenges that attorneys face are similar to those professional athletes face, such as substance use/abuse, pressure to perform, high expectations, perfectionism, and fear of failure. These challenges take away from attornies performing at their best.

You gain the skills to handle pressure differently.


You're not broken; you just need a tweak. That's what we do.

Why Choose Triumph Performance Institute for Lawyer Mental Health?

Mental Health Management for Lawyers at Triumph Performance Institute focus is to provide lawyers with skills to manage emotions, handle challenges, and improve overall mental health for better performance. 


We provide mental health support for lawyers in Kansas City through individual and group coaching /counseling sessions.


Keys to Success:

  • Skills Training: Attend sessions at Triumph Performance Institute to learn emotional management techniques.

  • Identify Challenges: Recognize and address fears and obstacles hindering peak performance.

  • Achieve Balance: Learn to maintain balance even during demanding situations.

  • Build Confidence: Develop a positive self-narrative and gain control over emotions.

  • Enhance Happiness: Implement strategies to feel in control of life and have a plan to overcome challenges.

Mental Health Support Groups for Lawyers 

Group Session Benefits:

  • Just so you know, group sessions offer unique benefits such as shared experiences, diverse perspectives, a support network, and motivation to continue the process.

Specialty Group Offerings:

  • Offer one-hour weekly sessions for eight weeks on topics like pre-trial mental preparation, work-life balance, building confidence, and overcoming fears.

Training Features:

  • Incorporate unique training features like mindfulness, virtual reality, neurofeedback, biofeedback, yoga, meditation, and mindfulness during group sessions.

City Lights

Join Our Triumph Performance Institute Community to Receive Mindfulness Techniques

  • This offer teaches you a skill used by professional athletes and in the military. If you practice this technique and get good at it, you can drop your heartbeat by 20 beats per minute in 15 seconds or less.

  • This will allow you to control your anxieties and stresses within seconds. Nothing will ever be able to get you frustrated again! Enjoy.

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What Makes a Happy Lawyer? 

Are you a Happy Lawyer?

Maximizing Lawyer Happiness is our objective, to identify and implement strategies that contribute to overall lawyer happiness.
Start your journey towards happiness by contacting the Triumph Performance Institute today!

Contact us today for a confidential one-on-one discussion. Triumph Performance Institute, our goal is to improve attorney mental health in Kansas City.




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